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Breakthrough in blue OLED efficiency and lifetime

by on Jun.27, 2011, under LED/OLED, research, technology

The transition to Digital Light won’t be due to one technology alone. Instead, both projection technologies and direct-view technologies (like LED, OLED, LCD, electroluminescent, e-Ink, etc.) will be used.  But for Digital Light to become truly commonplace, products will have to be inexpensive, long-lasting and energy-efficient.

That’s why I am excited about this press release from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering:      http://www.imre.a-star.edu.sg/fckeditor/uploadfiles/Press%20Release_IMRE%20record%20breaking%20blue%20emitters%282%29.pdf

It describes a breakthrough in lifetime and efficiency of blue OLEDs. In fact, they claim that they achieved almost 2x the theoretical quantum efficiency limit– which means the theoretical limit needs to be re-thought. That in itself is exciting!

There has been a lot of money put into OLED research. It potentially can be manufactured in a very low cost way. I say ‘potentially’ because progress has been slow. Blue efficiency and lifetime has been a major stumbling block, so this announcement is a very big deal.

In the coming weeks I’ll be exploring issues about Digital Light cost and energy efficiency; i.e. what progress needs to happen for widespread adoption.


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