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I see pixels everywhere…

by on Jun.24, 2011, under musings

I see pixels everywhere. At least, I see that pixels will be everywhere, sooner than most people think –if they’ve thought much about pixels at all.

Simple electric lighting is something we use but don’t really see. What will happen when digital technology transforms everyday electric lighting  into something so much more? When light becomes digital light. Light that is pixelized. Pixels everywhere.

Will it really happen? It’s already started. I’ll be posting about some pioneering work, sometimes in surprising areas.

Will it change our lives? Take a careful look around you and you’ll see it’s already begun to.

What are the implications… social, political, technical, environmental? What will it mean for art, for communications, for advertising, for journalism? Beautiful pixels or light pollution? Will pixels everywhere simply become PowerPoint™ Everywhere?

This transformation is too broad for any one person to conceptualize or to document. Feel free to comment. Feel free to send me guest postings of your ideas and/or of examples you’ve seen of progress towards pixels everywhere.

That’s the goal of of this blog –to open up a discussion about a future where every surface is a canvas of pixels.  And to document the transition to this future … a transition that has already started.

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