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Digital Light: obstacles

by on Jun.27, 2011, under musings

I see pixels everywhere, but can we afford them? Beauty and function will probably not be enough.

I see a number of obstacles that need to be overcome before widespread adoption is possible.

The obvious obstacles are:

  • Cost. Digital Light provides a lot more value than plain old illumination, but if it costs too much more, then it may not matter.
  • Energy efficiency. Will  Digital Light waste or conserve energy? Because it’s modulated light, does that mean Digital Light is inefficient light? Or could it be a net efficiency improvement if it’s used sensibly?
  • Content. If ‘pixels everywhere’ really means everywhere, then that’s a lot of content. How will it be created, distributed, stored, managed?

These are complex questions because Digital Light will involve many different technologies and will be used in many different ways.

Over the next few weeks I’ll explore this. This is new territory so please join in the discussion.

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