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Genealogies of Digital Light… Australia

by on Jul.08, 2011, under art, musings

A considerable amount of work in digital light is being done from an artistic perspective. One example is Filiz Klassen’s work at Ryerson University in Canada described in an earlier post.

Another example is the collaborative work being done by researchers at three Australian universities. Their project description is “Genealogies of Digital Light” and it’s described in more detail here: http://www.digital-light.net.au/node/40

Quoting from their website:

“The Genealogies of Digital Light ARC Discovery project will provide a critical account of the capacities and limitations of contemporary digital light-based technologies and techniques by tracing their genealogies and comparing them with their predecessor media. Through interview, analysis, experiment and critique, we hope to demonstrate that artists and artisans have a major role in redefining technologies through technique; and that close acquaintance with and appreciation of their working practices and the principles they work to are a significant resource for future generations.”

Artists certainly will have a major influence in a future world of ‘pixels everywhere’. This collaboration’s research focus is naturally academic but who knows where it will lead. According to their project website, they’ve already held a symposium this past March.

I’ve contacted one of the principal researchers and I hope I’ll be able to report more about their research in future postsĀ  –or perhaps even get a guest post if I’m fortunate.

Worth keeping an eye on. This could yield useful insight into the convergence of light and technology.

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