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Pixels …. a few here, a few there….

by on Jul.21, 2011, under musings

So what do all the posts so far mean? Are we just talking about displays by another name? Different kinds of displays, sometimes used in new ways, but displays nonetheless?

Maybe, but I don’t think so. Look at the world around you.

How many electric sources of light can you see right now? I’ll bet it’s a lot. Did you include the display you’re looking at as a source of light? The mobile phone in your pocket? The digital billboard you saw on the highway? Aren’t there more –a lot more– of those sources of light than there were last year, and the year before that?

What makes those kinds of light different? It’s because some are modulated, pixelized. Isn’t it already happening, on large scales like projection mapping, and on small scales like the VeinViewer?

Why shouldn’t all light be possible to modulate? In upcoming posts, I’ll explore that question a bit further.

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