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Pixels big enough to hug

by on Aug.05, 2011, under art, fun

Humbly admitting to a bit of narcissism, I googled ‘pixels everywhere‘ recently and stumbled upon ‘Pixels Motel Mozaique‘ by Dutch designers Jonas Vorwerk and Yoren Schriever. These indeed are (huge) pixels everywhere! I’m used to thinking about pixel sizes in fractions of a millimeter —these ones are fractions of a meter. In a world of megapixels, this site had decapixels (I understand they used just 50 pixels).

There’s a brief description of how the pixels work here. Each pixel’s color and brightness can be changed by tilting it (there is an accelerometer in each one). It certainly looks like people are having a lot of fun and it is pretty.

Now, if the pixels could  self-detect and if we could get content to them… Hmmmm…

Yoren Schriever on his site mentions that each cube has a data port and “…this port can also be used to communicate with the firmware, making it possible to send color commands to the cube, or read the accelerometer values from it“. Maybe it is  possible.

I wish I could have seen it in person. Great work, Jonas and Yoren. Thanks for inventing a new kind of interactive pixels. Who would have thought of pixels you could pick up and hug? I really, really like this.

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