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Raspberry Pi continues to cook

by on Aug.15, 2011, under technology

Pixels need computing power to drive them… for players, content management and so forth. Pixels Everywhere will need low-cost computing power, and lots of it. The good news is that there’s a lot of work going on to make that happen.

One project that has been getting a lot of attention is the UK-based Raspberry Pi initiative¬† which I tweeted about a number of weeks ago.¬† Their goal is to create a pretty powerful computer that can be bought for $25 each in unit volumes. The tiny (very tiny) 700MHz ARM11-based computer will run linux, have built-in ethernet, USB, and video ports. It won’t have a lot of RAM… just 256MB… but will have an SD card slot.

Recently, Raspberry Pi announced they have an alpha version of the computer running. It’s physically larger than their eventual goal, but that’s normal at this stage to make debugging easier.

This could be an ultra-low cost player, networked to content management systems. The USB port means wireless, bluetooth, or other types of connectivity could be added. I wonder if OpenSplash will be able to run on it? Keep an eye on this one and let me know about any other similar computers you find.



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