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pixels on the pathway

by on Dec.07, 2011, under architecture

Way back in July, I wrote about Digital Light… showing the way. ¬†In that posting, I talked about intelligent outdoor ¬†lighting that would know where we are, where we wanted to go, and would help show us how to get there. And, it would save energy at the same time.

A site in London (the City of Westminster, to be more precise) designed by Jason Bruges Studio is part way there as you can see from the video below from Bruge’s website. He treats this as art and well he should, saying:

“The artwork responds to the different speeds, rhythms and concentration of people in the alley, and a flowing pattern of light is built up in the passageway which reflects the recent movement.”

But at the same time, it’s lighting, too. He goes on to say:

“White LED uplights, recessed into the paving, increase in intensity as people pass by causing a rippling wave of light to move through the passageway tracing their movement. When there are no pedestrians the lights dim to a low brightness to save energy while also providing a safe level of illumination.”

I like this a lot. It’s art. It’s functional. It’s smart about energy. It’s responsive. Now imagine what could be done with color and with a lot more pixels.

Check out his website. The studio has some really interesting pixels everywhere projects include Mimosa for Philips using Lumiblade LEDs.


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