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Pixels on a bike light

by on Mar.07, 2013, under fun, news

I came across the really interesting video, below, yesterday. Basically Matt Richardson married a picoprojector to a Raspberry Pi computer and created an excellent demonstration of yet another use for digital light. Good work, Matt!

Whether or not you actually want this on your bike (I do!), it points out the very useful things that can be done with relatively low brightness –because he illuminated a fairly small area. It also shows you often can get away with  low resolution — in this example because BIG characters needed to be projected to be easily seen by the bike rider.

Picoprojectors are an ideal tool for playing with digital light. I talked about that in a post about 18 months ago  (Seeing the (digital) light). Natan Lindeer  did some interesting work at MIT MediaLab, too (see LuminAR) .




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