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megapixels are boring. let’s talk gigapixels.

by on May.22, 2013, under gigapixels, musings, technology

TLS Rushby1I’ve written several times before how our industry  –and society at large, for that matter — needs to start planning for when gigapixel displays become commonplace. I’m convinced that’s going to happen much sooner than most people think.

So I was very enthusiastic when Adrian Cotterill, editor-in-chief of the DailyDOOH, asked me if I’d speak about gigapixels at the Thought Leadership Summit: Videowalls Unplugged conference.  The DailyDOOH organized that event last week at the #NECshowcase in London.

The problem was that I was in Canada and the event was in England. “That’s not a problem“, said Adrian. “Make a video and we’ll present that,  instead!”  So, with the help of Arc-Media, a talented local production firm, we did just that. On the left is a picture of ‘virtual me’ on stage (photo credit: Andrew Neale)

Here’s what I had to say. Many thanks to The Daily DOOH for letting me use it here. All the opinions in it are mine alone. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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