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New benchmark price for a gigapixel: $85k!

by on Aug.12, 2013, under gigapixels, LCD, news

(a slightly different version of this post also appeared recently in the DailyDOOH)

(update 16 September 2013: Michel Leger checked my math and found a significant error in the size of a Seiki gigapixel. Corrected below.)

Ken Wernpixel_eyeser in the Display Daily newsletter recently reported that Sears will be taking orders for Seiki’s 39″ 4k (3840×2180) TV.

Doing the math, that works out to be under $85k for a billion pixels! That’s MSRP. Quantity one.

Doing a bit more math, the pixel size works out to be about 0.22 mm. That’s just a tiny bit larger than the 0.15mm that I believe is the ideal size for up-close, interactive DOOH displays (see my presentation at the Video Walls Unplugged Thought Leadership Summit in London here). It means that a viewer could be closer than a meter away from the screen and get an ‘iPad retina-like’ viewing experience … at least for pixel resolvability!

Werner points out that the TV is barebones – no Internet TV, no wifi, no 3D BUT as DOOH doesn’t need those features that’s obviously not a drawback.

However, a bit more worrisome are some of his comments about color accuracy, image quality details and up-conversion AND of course, Seiki’s TV is consumer quality so bezels will be large and they won’t be rugged enough for large tiled display installations.

Remember that this is just one element of the full cost of a practical gigapixel display: structures, power, wiring, players, tile management all need to be considered as well – and in case you’re wondering, a gigapixel using this display would cover 773 square meters just under 51 square meters (ignoring bezels).

But consider this: this is just the leading edge of a wave. Displays will get better. And if this is now feasible for consumer displays, it will certainly be feasible very soon for commercial tiled displays.

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  • Michel

    Very glad to see a fellow gigapixel display enthusiast who shares the same vision as I do. Indeed, gigapixel displays will soon be a reality… and probably sooner than everyone thinks. But a visually monolithic image (true seamless) compared to a videowall with even narrow bezels is essential in its commercial success. At least in most applications.

    Also, doing the math for final display size I get 50.87 square meters, not 773.
    3840 x 2160 pixels @ 0.22mm yields 0.42045 square meters per display and 121 of them are needed to get to 1 gigapixels. (~8.3 megapixels per)
    Still a massive 429″ diagonal…


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