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picture of Jonas Vorwerk's "Cloud"

Vorwerk’s “Cloud”

Everything seems to be ‘cloud this, cloud that’ these days. So it was inevitable that pixels would sooner or later get in on the action. In this post, we’re talking about literal pixel clouds. Clouds made of pixels. In the sky.

Ardent cloud

Ardent Cloud

Let’s look at two examples. Like the examples in my previous post (“big pixels. labour intensive pixels“) , these are big, labour-intensive pixels too. But unlike the previous post, they are most definitely digital light. Read on.

Jonas Vorwerk’s “Cloud”

We’ve written about Jonas‘ work before (“Pixels big enough to hug”) . Recently, he displayed a new creative work called “cloud”  in Rotterdam. Jonas didn’t provide much detail about what’s going on inside unfortunately. There’s a video showing it in operation, below, though.

The Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform

Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform

Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform

As I said in the introduction, everything is in the cloud these days. And everything is a ‘platform’, too. Ardent Heavy Industries covered both those bases with their Kickstarter-funded project  -the Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform– that they showed at Burning Man.

In contrast to Jonas’ cloud project, Beth at scanlime.org goes into a huge amount of detail about how Ardent Heavy Industries pulled off this project. Electronics overview? Check. Software overview? Check. Software code? Check. They didn’t stop at just pixels, either. This cloud can even produce mist and rain! Which is not to say they downplayed pixels: they included 2,368 individually addressable LEDs. Several ARM processor boards control the LEDs and a Raspberry Pi controls the whole thing.  Sure, it’s a long way from a gigapixel, but it doesn’t matter. I’m impressed.

These guys had fun. You can watch their creation in action below.  I think I’d really like this team if I ever get a chance to meet them. Make sure you also watch their very tongue-in-cheek video at the bottom of this post.




Vorwerk’s “Cloud”: Jonas Vorwerk

Ardent Cloud:  Aaron Muszalski (flickr)

Ardent Cloud video: Uhlume (flickr)

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