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Genealogies of Digital Light… Australia

by on Jul.08, 2011, under art, musings

A considerable amount of work in digital light is being done from an artistic perspective. One example is Filiz Klassen’s work at Ryerson University in Canada described in an earlier post.

Another example is the collaborative work being done by researchers at three Australian universities. Their project description is “Genealogies of Digital Light” and it’s described in more detail here: http://www.digital-light.net.au/node/40

Quoting from their website:

“The Genealogies of Digital Light ARC Discovery project will provide a critical account of the capacities and limitations of contemporary digital light-based technologies and techniques by tracing their genealogies and comparing them with their predecessor media. Through interview, analysis, experiment and critique, we hope to demonstrate that artists and artisans have a major role in redefining technologies through technique; and that close acquaintance with and appreciation of their working practices and the principles they work to are a significant resource for future generations.”

Artists certainly will have a major influence in a future world of ‘pixels everywhere’. This collaboration’s research focus is naturally academic but who knows where it will lead. According to their project website, they’ve already held a symposium this past March.

I’ve contacted one of the principal researchers and I hope I’ll be able to report more about their research in future posts  –or perhaps even get a guest post if I’m fortunate.

Worth keeping an eye on. This could yield useful insight into the convergence of light and technology.

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Wearable Pixels

by on Jul.07, 2011, under art, electronic ink, fashion, technology

Moritz Waldemeyer's "Heartbeat"

People have been experimenting for some time with wearable pixels. For instance, Moritz Waldemeyer in the UK has become well-known in digital fashion; he also has an interesting blog. Another example of his work is in the video below that goes back several years.

Vega Wang in China experimented with electroluminescence in clothing.

Vera Wang E-L clothing

There was even a ‘wearable’ version of the arduino controller called the lilypad that was available in the past for experimentation with wearable electronics.  On the whole, though, it seems this field of digital light is in a holding pattern. Problems that need to be solved are power, weight, resolution, wiring, bulk, to name a few. Maybe a reflective technology based on ePaper (eCloth?) will be part of the solution. Someday. Until then, Pixels On Us may have to wait.



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Pixels everywhere… I mean all over.

by on Jul.05, 2011, under art, pixel mapping

My friend Geny Calosi  recently posted this article on the DailyDOOH site about interesting work being done by DrawLight .sculpture as a digital canvas

DrawLight has used projection-mapping to turn the entire surface of a life-sized sculpture by artist Rabarama into a digital canvas. This is beautiful work. The video shows more.

According to Geny, four projectors were used. The implications for digital light? The surface isn’t large, meaning fairly low cost projectors can be used. That means this medium can be —will soon be— explored by more and more artists. And that means we can expect to see many other real-world surfaces become affordable digital canvases in the near future.

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Pixels everywhere. Really big ones.

by on Jul.05, 2011, under art

Here’s another example of pixelized light that’s not far from where I live. Check out the video at http://www.solarcollector.ca/ex_v_vid.php — if you want you can skip the beginning and start watching at 1:30 or so into the video. The design was done by Gorbet Design.

It’s about as far away from video display as you can get, but it’s definitely pixelized. It’s art, too, because you can upload pixel patterns. I’ve seen it many times and it’s always interesting.You can watch it live via webcam (after dark in Kitchener –eastern North America time– of course)

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Filiz Klassen

by on Jun.27, 2011, under architecture, art

There are a lot of individuals exploring the theme of Digital Light, although they may not call it that. Sometimes it’s mainstream to their work and sometimes it’s just a beautiful byproduct. (continue reading…)

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