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The DailyDOOH turns 4.0 today

by on Jul.26, 2011, under news

July 26 is the DailyDOOH’s 4th birthday. It’s hard to overestimate the positive influence the DailyDOOH has had on the digital out of home space and consequently on my thinking about digital light.

I first met Adrian Cotterill, DailyDOOH editor-in-chief, well over 3 years ago. Don Shaw and I were trying to develop the MicroTiles concept at Christie and someone suggested we contact Adrian. He ‘got’ the  concept in a nanosecond and and immediately dreamed up new ways to use tiles and new people to partner with. “Shape is the new king” was a phrase we learned from Adrian.

It wasn’t long before he involved his fellow DOOH’er,  genius Andrew Neale, in the thought process. Don and I were rookies in the DOOH space but they were patient with us.

the DOOH'ers

They quickly got us in touch with smart, visionary content developers like Arsenal Media and Amigo Digital. MicroTiles became a better product because of the DailyDOOH. It was fun because the DOOH’er are fun people to work with.

Christie paid for the DailyDOOH’s consulting and it was more than worth it. A lot of consultants simply play back what the client expects to hear. Not with these guys. I recall the hearing words ‘twit’, ‘dolt’, ‘slow learner’ and the like when they thought Christie ought to know better or when we weren’t listening. When we did listen, the product got better. It was an honor to have Adrian be the emcee at the MicroTiles launch event..

The DailyDOOH is a great read. It connects the dots for me, and that’s why I read it. Yes, it’s opinionated, but who wants to read regurgitated press releases? Their opinions are usually right, but when they’re wrong, they have the character to say so. That’s good journalism.

What has this got to do with digital light, you ask? For me, a lot. They helped me realize displays are not just two-dimensional. They taught me to look at public spaces in new ways to see how pixels could make a difference. They helped me appreciate what’s tasteful –worth doing– in digital out of home and what is simply a waste of time, space, money and photons.

Happy 4.0 birthday, DailyDOOH.

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