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Energy use in the pixels everywhere future

by on Aug.08, 2011, under energy use

Long term readers (it’s been all of two months, now!) may have noticed that I mention power consumption a lot. That’s because right now many of the obvious forms of digital light aren’t very power efficient. To be blunt, a world illuminated by modulated digital light could consume a lot more energy than today’s world of ordinary light. That’s a problem –a big problem. Can this be solved?  (Warning…. this is a longer than normal post, and still just scratches the surface of this important topic.)

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Pixels, pixels, on the wall…

by on Aug.04, 2011, under furniture, interior design, musings, technology

Why do I think that lighting will become pixelized sooner than most people think?

Consider the lowly wall lamp. It might be on the wall of your local cinema or in a restaurant or even in your home.

If we could pixelize it, some really interesting things can happen. Of course it still can illuminate, but it could do much more. Obvious things like adapt color. Or set the mood in the room with soothing scenes or whimsical art. Or enable play. Or communicate with you as part of a group or as an individual. Help you find your way. Help advertisers get their message to you.
This lamp is a lot like an ultra short throw projector, isn’t it? It sure is. That’s why this is going to happen sooner than most people think.

It actually could be done now in a brute-force way.

But for practical, affordable, widespread use what’s needed is low bill of material cost (a lot lower cost than for projection today),  better light efficiency, and ways to get content to the digital lights. We already have wireless and power line communications so getting content to the display won’t be hard. The volumes could be enormous–there are a lot more room lights in the world than there are projectors– and that will help drop costs but there’s a long way to go. Light efficiency could be hard to achieve but work in holographic light modulation (e.g. Light Blue Optics) might be part of the solution if it can be scaled up in brightness. When this begins to happen, pixels will indeed be everywhere.

(thanks once again to Kristina Foster for the animation)



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