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Break open your piggy bank…. tiny pixels are now for sale

by on Aug.11, 2011, under fun

Sifteo starter kit

In early July of this year, I wrote about Sifteo in “Tiny pixels in your child’s pocket”. Sifteo cubes are now for sale, but they’re pretty expensive: a starter kit of 3 blocks for $149 with additional blocks at $45 each. You can learn more here.

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Tiny Touchable Tactile Pixels

by on Aug.03, 2011, under fun, novel technology, technology

A while ago, I wrote about Sifteo’s game tiles. Pretty cool, but seemingly single-purpose.

WIMM Labs  is developing a tiny tile-like device, but they’re treating it like a platform. In other words, it can be programmed for any number of uses and integrated into other products. The specs seem pretty impressive: 32GB storage, touchscreen, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, accelerometer, Android OS. Apparently it also includes an expansion connector, too. Small — 32mm x 36mm x 12.5mm. I guess they’re battery operated but I couldn’t find power consumption or battery life specs on their web page.

No mention of the availability or price on their website as of this writing. But if it’s low enough in cost and with the claimed connectivity, I can see these little pixelized devices going pretty much everywhere. In singletons. In groups. In the hands of creative developers, some really interesting uses are going to occur. Sifteo, now WIMM. I think we’re going to see a lot more of these kinds of devices.

Hmmm…if they could just shrink the bezel a bit more….

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Tiny pixels in your child’s pocket

by on Jul.07, 2011, under fun, news

Pixels will be soon in your child’s toy box. Or in her pockets. Pixels that interact with her and respond to how she plays with them.

Sifteo is doing some pioneering work with a pixelized toy called Sifteo Cubes which incidentally just won a 2011 IDEA silver award. Their blog is really interesting, too. They seem to be thinking deeply about play, interactivity, and technology. I wish I had grandkids to buy this for. Heck, I might just buy some for myself!

Will advertisers find a way to deliver their message on to toys? Let’s hope it won’t happen soon. Maybe Sifteo will blog about their thoughts about that.

Pixels everywhere and anywhere, on every scale.

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